Buying out the Boss

Posted by michael | September 2, 2011

Are you a key employee or the next generation in a family owned business?  If so, you’ve likely thought about making the next step in your career, one where you can transition from the ranks of the employed to the fraternity of business owners. If you haven’t thought much about, what are you waiting for?

Its a great time to be young and in business.  In the coming years, millions of baby boomer business owners are going to transition their ownership to the next generation of business owners and they are going to be looking for younger risk takers willing to step up to the plate and take on the challenge of owning a business.  Unfortunately, buying a business can be a challenging undertaking as there a host of complex personal and business issues that need to be addressed during the process.

To help future business owners and the owners who are thinking about selling to this next generation, we are pleased to announce an upcoming seminar “Buying out the Boss: How to Acquire the Business You Work For“.  Hosted by me, Michael Vann and Jeffrey Fialky of Bacon Wilson, P.C. this informative seminar will provide a wealth of information on topics such as:

  • Do you really want to own a business
  • Terminology you need to know
  • Determining value
  • Why price doesn’t necessarily mattet
  • Legal entities and the tax man
  • Bank financing realities
  • How to get creative when you don’t have any money
  • Employment Agreements, Consulting Contracts and other legal documents
  • How to get the deal to close

The event is going to be held September 22nd at the world famous Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee; cocktails begin at 5:30 and Jeff and I will present at 6 for about 45 minutes.  After that more networking will occur.  We hope you can join us for some learning and some egg rolls.  Register by clicking here, or  go directly to the site