Our Focus: Exit

A successful sale is predicated on three simple principles


Sellers who proactively prepare their business for sale are more likely to engage with qualified buyers and maximize the value they receive from a transaction. Presale planning requires an owner to consider their business from the perspective of a buyer/market and adjust accordingly.


The best way to complete a transaction is to have a proactive sales effort. This is accomplished by being active in identifying buyers, engaging with them and ensuring they have access to the data and information they require to make an offer. Ultimately a seller controls the pace of a sale and the right strategy is critical to a successful transaction.


Buyer activity means nothing if it doesn’t result in an offer that meets the seller’s requirements and a closing. An intermediary is critical in understanding the buyer realities and the nuances of structuring a deal to ensure a transaction results in the highest possible compensation.

We assist the owners of privately held small/mid-market businesses with their ownership exit as follows:

  • 1

    By developing a fair market value of the business that reflects the realities of the business, current financing conditions and buyer perspectives.

  • 2

    By critically analyzing all aspects of the company from a buyer’s point of view, identifying potential issues that will adversely impact value and overall market attractiveness.

  • 3

    Developing buyer profiles, a marketing strategy, target lists and all the materials necessary to confidentially introduce the company to the right buyers.

  • 4

    Managing all communications with prospective buyers, negotiating offers, assisting in deal structuring and managing the due diligence process up until the closing.

  • 5

    Find more detailed information regarding our approach, fee structure and why you should choose the Vann Group as your intermediary, in the links on this page.