Our Focus: Growth

There are three growth stages in which a growth-oriented company will find itself.


These are companies that are transitioning from a boot-strapped startup to one that is generating consistent revenue and is likely cash flow positive. They are executing on their business plan but dealing with virtually every situation for the first time and need assistance in building their business foundation.


These companies are firing on all cylinders and growing rapidly; perhaps too fast. While they may be making mistakes and overwhelming their infrastructure, the growth allows them to overcome challenges that would have been fatal in the ramp-up stage.


These companies are hitting the ceiling; while still growing, it’s getting harder to sustain and they can’t seem to break through to the next level. Their people and systems are overwhelmed, and they are finding that what worked to get them to this stage (people, products, advisors, etc.) is not capable of making the leap.

We work with growth-oriented companies in a number of ways:

  • 1

    We provide general business advice and guidance that business owners need to solve short and near term challenges.

  • 2

    We facilitate strategic plans for the immediate future and those that focus on establishing a longer term objective.

  • 3

    We help identify and execute on strategic opportunities such as acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures.

  • 4

    We assist in identifying and securing financing and capital from traditional and non-traditional financial institutions.