Press Release: Vann Group Announces Merger

Posted by lorrie.macy | November 9, 2012

Professional Advisory Services firm the Vann Group, LLC recently announced the merger of its subsidiary Social Turbine, LLC with WhatArmy, Inc.

Social Turbine is a full-service social media management company that specializes in providing small & mid-sized businesses with a professional outsourced solution for all their social media engagement needs.

Based in Bedford, MA, and now with offices in Springfield, MA, WhatArmy fixes and updates websites for 100s of small and mid-sized client websites, and social media profiles. They rely on their experienced people and proven processes to provide swift, reliable and cost effective website help without large contracts or on-going fees. In addition, WhatArmy is committed to its support of the WhatArmy Foundation, an in-progress non-profit effort, providing iPads and software to families and service providers of children with Autism.

In announcing the merger, Michael Vann, the Managing Principal of the Vann Group stated, “We knew when we started Social Turbine that the Company would need to evolve as the market for social media matured. By combining Social Turbine and WhatArmy we are able to provide the small/mid-size market with a comprehensive solution, essential to their rapidly-changing web & social media challenges.”

With respect to the merger’s benefits for the Vann Group, Vann noted “WhatArmy is exactly the type of solution that fits our service model of providing companies with outsourced expertise. As a small business we know firsthand how these relatively simple problems can frustrate you and impact your ability to get things done.”

Chris Merrill, the CEO of WhatArmy sees tremendous opportunities in joining with the Vann Group. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Vann’s over the past several years and have always been impressed with their ability to positively impact a business in multiple areas. Partnering with the Vann Group provides us with the infrastructure and expertise to grow the right way.”

Both Merrill and Vann expect to see big things happen with WhatArmy. As Vann noted, “Chris and his team have an impressive track record of building successful businesses; and based on how quickly WhatArmy has grown, we’re confident this is another success story.”