Our Focus: Transition

All companies hit tipping points that require them to transition from their current course of action

Business Model

In the age of disruption, companies frequently find that their approach to business is no longer structured for success. They need to reconsider the viability of their model and identify the adjustments that are necessary to sustain their businesses.


Successful strategy requires more than just creative thinking. It requires market and customer insight, as well as simplicity, alignment and, most important of all, the ability to execute. A great strategy will ultimately fail if the organization isn’t aligned to the strategy.


As owners age, they need to transition their responsibilities and/or ownership to others. Detailed planning must be undertaken to ensure that their succession occurs in a manner that doesn’t adversely impact the business. These types of transitions are complex and require patience, time and a knowledgeable resource to guide an owner through the process.

Examples of how we work with transitional companies:

  • 1

    We conduct a detailed analysis of industry trends, competitors and conditions to determine the factors that will impact the business.

  • 2

    We utilize tools such as Blue Ocean Strategy and Business Model Canvas to identify paths and options for restructuring a company’s business model.

  • 3

    We facilitate our proprietary strategic planning process to create a vision, destination and alignment for how the business will be transitioned.

  • 4

    We develop comprehensive ownership succession/transition plans that incorporate the entire spectrum of decisions (financial/tax, operational, leadership, family, etc.) that will determine the success or failure of a plan.

  • 5

    We help identify acquisition targets and strategic partners that can accelerate business transitions.