InnovaBuzz podcast

Michael Vann, President of The Vann Group, LLC , provides insight on: 1. Why succession planning is vital in any business 2. Why contingency planning is also critical 3. How to prepare to exit your business, in whatever way you may choose to, and how to prepare for the next phase.

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The SharkPreneur Podcast

How we help our clients maximize the value of their business for when they sell it! Seth speaks to Michael Vann, President of The Vann Group, LLC , about how he has successfully advised companies in a variety of industries including professional and technical services, insurance and financial services, construction, industrial services, manufacturing, and food & hospitality.

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Fox Talks Business Podcast

Entry and Exit Strategies Ep. 53 When you first start your business the last thing you are most likely thinking about is what your exit plan is. Knowing your exit strategy or even just having an outline, as it can change over time, can help for other things like if there was ever an accident. Which of course we never wish for but we still buy the insurance. This is the same for your business strategy.

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The Unstoppable CEO

One Size Does Not Fit All: Growth Management Systems in the Real World Ep. 229 With so many growth management systems on the market — and ardent disciples for each — which one is right for your business? Steve Gordon talks to Vann Group President, Michael Vann, about how to sift through the options to find an operating system that works for your culture and objectives.

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